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Battle Bouncers follows quite a unique game mechanic

Battle Bouncers is created by Game Hive Corporation, who claims to be “the leading developer of mobile games.” Personally, I’m gonna take their word for it because they also made Tap Titans, which is a favorite of mine. They also did Beat the Boss, which is okay, I guess. The main takeaway from these titles is that this company just has a thing for alliteration.

Battling is automatic, with the main action consisting of breaking a bunch of blocks to uncover treasures and enemies, which your heroes will subsequently destroy in an explosion of colour. The usual elemental strengths and weaknesses make an appearance too, as does hero star ratings.

The game follows quite a unique game mechanic and if I say that you will have a blast playing it, you better believe it! Now as a lover of strategy games, I found myself wondering if this game is actually all strategy or the balls automatically bounce off to where they have to go – and after testing it, I can confirm that it’s all about strategy!

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks:

  •     Use your most powerful heroes: Each hero has a star rating, which details how powerful they are. One star heroes are the weakest, while six star heroes are the most powerful. Use the heroes with the highest stars available to you.
  •     Pay attention to formation: Melee characters are best placed in your frontline, while weaker ranged and magic users are best placed in the backline. You can tweak this at any point by checking your team setup.
  •     Build everything: Whenever you unlock a new building, build it. Then use its benefits. Collect your free rewards as often as they’re available, level up heroes to their new level cap – whatever the building allows, do it.
  •     Unlock new heroes as often as you can: Whenever you get your hands on a hammer, use it to break a crystal and get a new hero. It might just help you create a more balanced or more powerful team.
  •     Participate in special events: Special events can provide you with rare rewards. Participate them as often as possible to get more heroes, resources, and more. Heck, you might even have a bit more fun.

Overall, I’m a fan of Battle Bouncers. I’m a fan of the graphics, the music, the strategy that’s needed in playing. I’m not so much of a fan of the fact that I need to buy things from the store to complete my daily quests, but we all have our vices. Theirs is making me go to their store. In regard to its RPG claims—the RPG aspects are more of a “fun twist” than anything more, but they push it beyond a normal brick breaker game. I like this weird little hybrid game. And now I’m gonna defeat this freaking tower.

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