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Blizzard announced that its World of Warcraft Shadowlands update 9.1.5 is now available

Blizzard announced that its World of Warcraft Shadowlands update 9.1.5 is now available, and among its most important news, we have balance updates, quality of life changes and more.

Among the most important additions, we can retain some essential points such as for example class balancing modifications allowing now to use damage techniques. zones that will hit more enemies. Until then limited to five targets, it will be possible to affect more enemies, but the rate of damage inflicted will decrease beyond the fifth.

More specifically, Blizzard has fixed a bug that players were encountering after downing raid bosses. Abilities with a two-minute or longer cooldown, including Paladin’s Blessing of Sacrifice and Warrior’s Die by the Sword and Enraged Regeneration, were resetting after a boss encounter ended, winding down the clock and making wiping more of a hassle than it should ever be.

We'll tell you briefly and at a glance what is changing in the individual classes. If you want all the details, you can find the full class customizations below:

  •    Balance changes in classes: Among the many changes, there is a modification in the operation of damage with area of ​​effect (AoE). Instead of the previous limit of five targets, AoE abilities can now damage more targets, but with reduced damage after the fifth.
  •     New Race Customizations: As part of an ongoing effort to allow players to express themselves visually, new customizations are coming for the Highmountain Tauren, Light Temple Draenei, Nightshade, and Void Elves.
  •     Swaps Between Pacts: Players can now switch Pacts without a waiting time or penalty, taking with them everything they obtained from their previous Pact.
  •     Legion Timewalks: Six Legion dungeons enter the rotation in Heroic and Mythic + modes during the two-week event. Additionally, the Tower of Mages is returning with new color variants for Level 20 Mythic gear as a reward.
  •     Korthia Updates: Players will see a vast improvement in efficiency with new transfer points, increased relic and shard drop rates, and the ability to remotely deposit anima.
  •     Legacy Content Updates: Those who enjoy playing old content in search of mounts and gear will find some balance updates for solo play including raid bosses, Island Expeditions, and Battlefront among others.
  •     And much more! For full details on this content update, visit the World of Warcraft website

Finally, in the long list of patch fixes, we have seen new customization options appear including the addition and removal of certain emotes, echoing Blizzard's recent run-ins with the law. The / drool, / cough, / burp, / fart, / hiss, / spit, and / butt emotes messages no longer mention targeted players and the / kick, / stinks, / shake emotes her butt) and / moan have been removed altogether.

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