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EA Play Live is expected that more will be shared about FIFA 22

The developer and publisher of FIFA 22, Electronic Arts, will hold an EA Play Live presentation on July 17, in which the company will share information about the latest games. It is expected that more will be shared here about FIFA 22, the latest part of the official football game. A demo of FIFA 22 may also be released, but for those who can't wait, a closed beta had already started.

FIFA has been one of the best sports gaming franchises around ever since the first edition of the game, FIFA International Soccer, released in 1993.

The growth it has seen is massive, and this is partially due to the game mode Ultimate Team, which has grown so much that it is now involved in eSports competitions.

EA Sports had hoped to keep things under wraps until the big official reveal at EA Play in July but inevitably leaks have come from the beta version of game.

The logo and text is more or less the same but for some colour changes, while it seems there won't be much tweaking when it comes to the menus, team selection panels and overall lay-out.

But a fresh and exciting addition will see players wear "anthem jackets" prior to games - as we see on a regular basis in real life.

According to Game Size reports on Twitter, the new version of the Beta is larger than the previous one. This is version 1.000,001 and it is 57.687 GB, against 39.067 GB of the 1.000.000 version. Again according to the Twitter user, there are two entries on the Sony database marked with the so-called TitleID, or the code that refers to the various products. In this case we can see two different IDs, 'R1: PPSA04082' and 'R2: PPSA04081'. A significant clue, which could confirm doubts about the arrival of the game both on PlayStation 5 and on the older generation Sony console.

FIFA 22 Early Access
Is it still possible to get early access to FIFA 22? The future of the beta is still uncertain, but we may find out more during the EA Play Live presentation on July 17. We expect a release date, but also more information about early access to the game. Early access is likely to start around the end of September.

What will be in the beta?
In the FIFA beta, the game modes they typically have are:

    Ultimate Team
    Career Mode

It is always an exciting time to see what the beta brings and FIFA fans will be buzzing if they manage to get the beta.

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