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Zombie Army 4 Dead Army is not ashamed to be pure, ridiculous fun

Sometimes it feels like a rarity to find a game that is just straightforward fun—something that used to be so much more abundant in previous console generations. This is why I enjoy Zombie Army 4: Dead War so much, because it’s not ashamed to be pure, ridiculous fun.

It is May 1945, World War 2 is at its end with the Nazis – and Hitler – fading quickly. Hitler, in a desperate attempt to win the war, discovers how to wake the dead. The tide turned swiftly in his favor as the Allies were destroyed throughout the world. Despite this, the remaining Allies formed a resistance and fought on, eventually creating a zombie slaying squad – of which you are part of. The squad was able to destroy Hitler, but his zombie army lived on, increasing in numbers daily. Now you must fight your way throughout the World, taking down Hell Towers, before confronting a demonized Hitler and forever ridding the world of the zombie menance.

The story is pure B movie sci-fi filler and wildly entertaining, just don’t expect any thought-provoking commentary on the war and focus on the zombie slaying.

The fun doesn’t end with the story though as the game also features a Horde mode! You get pretty much what you expect here and while I have nothing bad to say about the mode itself I will say that even on the hardest difficulty it didn’t take us too long to work out winning strategies and complete all levels this mode has to offer. While I did appreciate that we couldn’t take in a custom loadout and had to find new weapons on the fly while in the thick of the action, it didn’t really feel too different to the campaign missions.

There is a pretty solid progression system in place which adds another incentive to keep playing and trying new things. Your points you earn in each mission are what progress your levels, so trying for higher combos and trickier shots is rewarded with new abilities and loot. Each character has abilities you can choose for them as well, and unique capabilities within the game itself. This comes into play much more in co-op where you play those abilities off of your partners.

Collectibles are strewn throughout each area, but thankfully there is a radial dial which alerts you to how many of each item are available in a given area and how many you’ve collected. You’ll want to make sure to search every corner for upgrade kits as they can make or break a fight.

Overall, Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a worthy game that stands above a semi-oversaturated genre with stellar co-op, fun, and goofy arcade elements, and so many throwbacks to 80’s zombie horror George Romero himself would have loved it. The somewhat cliche campaign and lack of solo care might put some off, but if you have friends to play with, and want one of the best zombie-slaying experiences in recent years, Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the place to be. offer you to buy Zombie Army 4 Dead War Accounts of best quality at cheap prices. They are affordable for any gamer, but still we advise you to take your purchase seriously. Before you make an account purchase, you need to properly study all of its characteristics. If it has something in it that does not suit you, then you can find yourself an account that is one hundred percent suitable. Your new account has a rich benefit set. With it you get a character of the class you want, a variety of weapons, a fort all ready for battle, and many other details. Now you can develop your character like you always do. If the fort, that you receive with your account, does not suit you, then you can quickly build a new one from a trustworthy seller.

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