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best World of warcraft Gold - how to fight with the thieves with high weapon of soldiers

Preface: if you ask what career in world of warcraft currently, that don't want to, it is a rogue and warrior, but also has a lot of warriors and rogues, many rogues in exchange for the clash, high when the warrior is particularly difficult weapon to kill, often may be seconds, how can I avoid being seconds, how can we succeed struck warriors? Based on the author's experience here to talk about how to smite high weapon of soldiers.

Now has begun to popularize battlefield ice spear, 31/20 PK soldiers more up, many soldiers were killed, I feel good thief personal slightly ideas. Anyway, rarely give soldiers hacked. Before the war, and now into dagger rogue talents and become a thief, warrior, walk control Hands: Double slow poison, start looking after roar, warrior, run enough to sneak hands and backstab. See the soldiers ran away as poisoning energy recovery.

The process to note: 1: let soldiers remain in slow poison. Poison effect disappeared gouge or kidney shot, ensure that he poisoning. 2: warriors no dizzy of time and try to keep their distance. But don't far more than 8 (manasseh, warriors will switch berserker stance using interceptor) not intercept (see shooting, light is eight yards, but if not run away with the warriors are not intercept), 3: in the end it is reinforced (slow, but don't be afraid, thieves have accelerated skills - in a sprint), nor fear (tear ran over such effect, but had better not in possession. Intercept one, you will say three seconds dizzy, these 3 seconds, or were struck by the state and the drawbacks. So the soldiers cut berserker stance saw immediately to gouge or kidney shot. Berserker stance is immune to gouge, we gather put gouge only after the break, and other intercepted by a malicious soldiers dizzy three seconds basically is hanged. Past gouge break even, ok also blunt past and jump, idling backstab, even a warrior movement, idling backstab failed, at least to escape a positive attack.

4: try to use backstab attack, dagger rogue evil kumite warrior is waste energy. 5: cold-blooded five-star t-bone after the gouge, so don't a 5 star is released. Energy in about sixty firmer. First, or a control cold-blooded 5 star T after the soldiers found that although the blood, but his empty also got a deadly add a pressing then executed, don't cry to say what he do nothing but a second empty blood. 6 and practise the air turned back. 7 if do all of the above, also was empty, then open the blood dodge. Dodge and air turned backstab, there may be a comeback. (don't understand this, please oneself to have such a thief played soldier friends ask)

Under high namely explain the main soldier kill thief skills: 1, suppress: CD time 5 seconds, in a thief or parry. After evade Talent improved after pressing crit rate very gao, with good weapon damage in about 1200. In the thief dodge. Parry or after 2, ms: instant attacks, anger, crit 30 points about 1500. 3 and executed: target HP below 20 per cent. A thief blood to 20% was this direct seconds. More than three recruit is SanBanFu thief seconds. Sometimes use: 4, whirlwind: instant, need berserker stance, and thousands of. These soldiers on the damage of the thief skills, as far as possible, for the corresponding control means allowing poisoning, while keeping on warrior dizzy of time, wake up near the time left.

5, interception, need berserker stance, 8 yards to 25 yards. To target and make three seconds, target dizzy in the three seconds off a thief. Enough soldiers seconds, For see, against means switch stances, near the 8 yards, and cast spells. 6, hamstring: slow, but in the end goal will be reinforced or rogue than the slow poison soldiers walked faster. Corresponding methods: slow poison, gallop. 7 and tear drop of blood, make continuous: thieves cannot stealth. Corresponding methods: sprint. 8, bravery, six seconds, target roar around the enemy fears. Methods: the undead, corresponding badge. 9, harsh roars. Slowing effect. Methods: with corresponding hamstring. 7 before operation is a good soldier will be out of ACES. Hope to see this article after the thief, don't be seconds still don't know what's with.

Then see a thief skills of law 1, dodge: because the most controversial, and so on the first Monday. This skill for a face took AR or battle hammer high weapons, only a soldier let you feel love and hatred. Because of this, too, with quick die, just can use, the deficit. Dodge chance to dodge is to enhance the effect of 50, seemingly suppressed restraint. But in fact, the suppression of the CD has 5 seconds to attack, and must be within the scope of the goal, i.e., having good movement consciousness premise, you open 15 seconds, 1 in the most dodge. But other skills, as executed and mortal strike, can be to dodge. Through the description of the skill warrior, above, you'll find that when your blood deficiency, warriors will keep some executed this time, it can be used dodge chance of cardiac open comeback. Another usage is open and sprint, dodge, 8 yards from soldiers rushed to soldiers, jump backstab, continue to run, jump, continue to back. A warrior, such tactics from outside to suppress except the skills, and suppress only hit burglar in front of the enemy, in the sprint speed under the help, even know effect on the warrior is difficult to hit back. Defect is only 15 seconds, and the warrior will use this skill prevent the hamstring. Therefore, the key is to grasp the reality.

2 run fast: such as above, the thief, sprint to a slowdown in the poison of warriors, basically no dizzy skills can also use a dagger speed. Even if the warrior's movement slowing effect, in the open after the sprint speed still remains valid. Idling backstab is actually very simple tips, sprint, with nearly 100 per cent to come.

3, gouge: strengthening the 5.5 seconds dizzy after use of energy, is back too soon.

4, kidney shot: 20 seconds to use time, many control by hands sneak thief is four seconds, then gouge, kidney shot warrior play." Many times hits amaranthine, instead of a few seconds dizzy to soldiers. Because the cooldown of kidney shot. Enhanced nor too casual can connect 2 times kidney shot. These four gather the cs, plus hands is controlled skills. The soldiers fighting aims to interrupt routine, control of the battle. A final is blind, I only in certain skills needed to or above the bandage when used as a backup skills. Generally speaking, the soldiers with control skills with SanBanFu, to control the blind as a back-up. Above is the deepening of previous experience in the cold-blooded, before 5 stars behind the gouge, maintain control in the air, turned back on the basis of the sting of a slowdown in the warriors can use poison effect, dodge is very good. Soldiers berserker stance has gathered at this time, the immune dizzy warrior poisoned words immediately gallop split away and then run, the CDC dashed over the air turned back, that he always in slow poison. If he put this time and anger, then can intercept made blind. Conclusion: don't know you see this article about the thief after the soldiers PK experience what feeling a bit, try? Don't hurry before operation, and soldiers in battle, technical practices to try also not late, control of thieves is mainly controlled opponent, if your opponent is good is bad, you how control to PK? So everybody to practice their control technology, the use of a few skills, I want to high weapon of soldiers shouldn't be hard.

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