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Battered Hilt-and 5000 Belt of the Blood Nova-and 5000 Belt of the Lonely Noble-and 5000
Bladeborn Leggings-and 5000 Blessed Cenarion Boots-and 5000 Blood Queen s Crimson Choker-and 5000
Boots of Kingly Upheaval-and 5000

Carapace of Forgotten Kings-and 5000 Crypt Keeper s Bracers-and 5000

Death-warmed Belt-and 5000 Deathfrost Boots-and 5000 Draconic Bonesplinter Legguards-and 5000
Drape of the Untamed Predator-and 5000

Earthsoul Boots-and 5000

Footpads of Impending Death-and 5000

Harbinger s Bone Band-and 5000 Hellfrozen Bonegrinders-and 5000

Ikfirus s Sack of Wonder-and 5000

Leggings of Dubious Charms-and 5000 Leggings of Lost Love-and 5000 Leggings of Woven Death-and 5000
Legplates of Painful Death-and 5000 Legwraps of Unleashed Nature-and 5000 Lightning-Infused Leggings-and 5000
Lightweave Leggings-and 5000

Marrowgar s Frigid Eye-and 5000 Mechano hog-and 5000 Mekgineer s Chopper-and 5000

Nightmare ender-and 5000

Pillars of Might-and 5000 Primordial Saronite-and 5000 Professor s Bloodied Smock-and 5000
Protectors of Life-and 5000 Puresteel Legplates-and 5000 Purified Dreadstone-and 5000

Raging Behemoth s Shoulderplates-and 5000 Ring of Rotting Sinew-and 5000 Rock-Steady Treads-and 5000
Rowan s Rifle of Silver Bullets-and 5000

Sandals of Consecration-and 5000 Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads-and 5000

The Lady s Brittle Bracers-and 5000

Wodin s Lucky Necklace-and 5000

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